Friday, February 5, 2010

Liverpool Songs

‘Pool Songs is a collection of Liverpool football team songs & chants that you will not find anywhere else. Play these songs & chants over and over again. All lyrics are included with each song & chant so you can memorise them to your heart’s content. Never go to a match again and be left humming along to a tune while everybody else knows the words.

Songs and chants included are as follows:

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Fields Of Anfield Road

Poor Scouser Tommy

Torres Bounce Song

Liverbird Upon My Chest

Five Times

We Love You Liverpool

Oh When The Reds

Rafa Song

Team Of Carraghers

Were Gonna Win The League

Red And White Kop

Steve Gerrard Gerrard

Too Good To Be True

Every Other Saturday


We'll Be Coming

Gerrard Is Our Captain

Liverpool, Liverpool

Ring Of Fire

Where's Your Mourinho

Bertie Mee Said To Shankly

Fields Of Anfield Rd (Ver.2)

Justice For The 96

We Shall Not Be Moved

You’ll Never Walk Alone (Ver.2)

*Luis Garcia

*Gary Macca Song

*Riise Song

*Best Midfield In The World

You will not find a more comprehensive collection of Liverpool songs on any other app. If there are any songs you would like added please feel free to e-mail them to me and I will include them in an update.

New In This Version

***Added support for ios4 multi-tasking. Now you can play those chants in the background whilst completing other tasks.

***Added in-app SMS. Now you can enjoy texting your friends the lyrics to wind them up.

***New songs added: Luis Garcia Song, Best Midfield In The World, Gary Macca Song, Riise Song.

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