Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Welcome to iFurballs. Are you going to be the one to rid the universe of these infuriating but cuddly little creatures?

iFurballs is a game which will test your nerves and reflexes to the limit. Are your fingers fast enough? Can you catch those pesky little devils before they disappear?

Your objective: to splatter these cute little furry creatures all over your screen. But be careful. For each failed attempt at splattering you will lose a life and valuable points. And the more misses you have the quicker and faster those little iFurballs will keep multiplying. They do love to multiply you know!

Watch as the higher the level you reach the more frequent those annoying little furballs multiply. Keeping the game, and your fingers going at a frantic pace. Reach levels upon levels upon levels of furballing fun.

So get this highly addictive game now.